Michael Page Offices – Singapore

I.Dezign redesigned Michael Page’s office space in Singapore to reduce by 20%, focusing on functionality, aesthetics, and integration of CBD skyline views, while prioritizing employee well-being and flexible design elements.

  • Client Michael Page International,
  • size 7,868 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Singapore,
  • Industry Consulting / Business Services,
  • Michael Page, a renowned London-based recruitment firm with over 40 years of establishment, is embarking on a redesign project aimed at reducing their office space by 20% while maintaining their current location. The objective is to adapt to a new way of working and capitalize on the scenic view of the CBD skyline.

    The redesign project for Michael Page’s office space is driven by several key objectives aimed at optimizing the utilization of the existing space while enhancing functionality and aesthetics. Central to the design vision is the creation of a welcoming front-of-house area, where careful attention is paid to the selection of colors, finishes, and the provision of ample meeting rooms to accommodate both internal and external engagements. Additionally, the project seeks to integrate the breathtaking scenic view of the CBD skyline into the design narrative, leveraging this natural backdrop to enrich the overall ambiance of the workspace. Emphasis is placed on incorporating timeless design elements, such as bold main logo features and biophilia accents, to imbue the space with a sense of continuity and visual cohesion.

    The redesign aims to strike a balance between form and function, with the back-of-house area being optimized for productivity and collaboration. Flexible workspaces and collaboration zones are strategically placed within this functional area to facilitate dynamic team interactions.

    Reception area is envisioned as a hospitality-inspired space, reminiscent of an airport lounge, where visitors can unwind and relax before their scheduled interviews or meetings. The integration of warm colors, natural light, and comfortable seating options aims to create a welcoming and calming environment for guests. The design prioritizes adaptability and flexibility, with meeting rooms equipped with operable walls to accommodate varying group sizes and configurations. This agile approach extends to the selection of furniture, which is designed to be easily reconfigured to suit the changing needs of the space.

    In conclusion, the redesigned Michael Page office aims to embody a welcoming, bright, spacious, and professional yet relaxing atmosphere that aligns with the brand image and supports the evolving needs of the organization. By prioritizing employee well-being and incorporating flexible design elements, the new space is poised to enhance productivity and foster collaboration among employees.

    Design: I.Dezign
    Photography: courtesy of I.Dezign