1C Vietnam Offices – Hanoi

Baris Arch designed the 1C Vietnam office in Hanoi, emphasizing sustainability and modernity through biophilic principles, eco-friendly materials, versatile spaces, and symbolic elements representing global expansion.

  • Client 1C Vietnam,
  • size 8,697 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Hanoi, Vietnam,
  • Industry Hardware / Software Development,
  • Located in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, 1C Vietnam is a leading provider of enterprise software solutions in the country. Beyond establishing a mere workspace, 1C Vietnam’s vision extends to creating a modern technological space that fosters sustainable development. It’s a hub to facilitate business activities between 1C Company’s headquarters in Eastern Europe and the Asian market. In this project, Baris Arch is honored to accompany 1C Vietnam to propose and execute a full design & build package from the first ideas until the final construction and handover date.

    A Sustainable and Modern Office
    In the pursuit of a workspace that promotes effective work while balancing physical and mental health for employees, 1C Vietnam carefully deliberated and focused on the concept of “sustainability and modernity” in the design process.

    Acknowledging the modern workforce’s constrained exposure to nature due to extended office hours. Therefore, we aim to create solutions dedicated to joy and wellness, focusing on the user experience by approaching the design using biophilic principles to bring nature closer to employees. This is evident throughout various office zones such as reception areas, workspaces, meeting rooms, and even the pantry. These spaces are interlaced with greenery, offering relaxation and natural cooling to the office environment.

    Approaching the biophilic design style in the Collaboration zone, the highlight of the office, with simulated natural lighting, lush tropical foliage, and tempered glass walls, this area creates a sense of proximity to the outdoors, yet maintains privacy for meetings and quick exchanges. Complemented by curved arrangements of relaxing sofas and desks, it aims to alleviate work-related stress and revitalize employees. This space embodies 1C Vietnam’s commitment to balance modern development with nature.

    Understanding the needs of the investor, not only incorporating green solutions, we offer a simple yet effective solution, that is concrete-effect paint for the walls to signify modernity, showing 1C Vietnam’s steadfast journey in a dynamically evolving tech market. Metal surfaces and diverse materials like patterned glass and colored mica bring dynamism, representing the adaptability of the company’s technological solutions to embrace the changing landscape of modern technology.

    Expanding Beyond Vietnam
    Expressing pride and a desire for global reach, our design team simulated the wall system and ceiling lights in the Reception area in the shape of the Eastern European map, symbolizing 1C Vietnam’s origin and continuous efforts to expand its presence in over 95 countries and territories.

    Energetic Spaces
    Baris Arch’s sustainable vision for 1C Vietnam is emphasized not only by eco-friendly and reusable materials but also by the rejuvenating working atmosphere, instilling positivity in employees’ daily activities. Eliminating unnecessary complexity, and focusing on the essential elements, is why natural light is maximized through elongated windows. This minimizes partition usage, prioritizes free movement, and expands views, ensuring a bright and energized environment for everyone. Then, the joy and wellness of employees come together with this friendly and nature-like atmosphere, meaningfully back to our core purpose when joining the project.

    Embracing Applicability and Versatility
    To ensure a unified style for the overall project, we organize the order for each detail to convey the message effectively. With 1C’s global development direction, multifunctional furniture, and flexible modules serve as the most appropriate and sustainable choices. Thus, to enhance the experience of our clients, we designed multipurpose rooms, suitable for private meetings, large gatherings, quick discussions, and individual work. These rooms are adaptable, allowing for seamless adjustments in layouts for convenience. In addition, the largest meeting room is also built based on the inspiration of a miniature stage, always ready for large and small events and creating practical experiences for employees.

    Moreover, mica shelves around the columns maximize space for books, plants, or office tools. The desks are interconnected flexibly to facilitate teamwork and information exchange. Additionally, we integrated artificial greenery into workspaces and designed the pantry area as a multifunctional space for relaxation, quick meetings, or coffee sessions with clients and partners. Not only satisfy basic needs, but we also create some “little tricks” to the working experience more joyful.

    In a company that values its employees as its greatest asset, the office space reflects 1C Vietnam’s vision of a sustainable workplace that nurtures health, creativity, and connectivity with the world and nature. The 1C Vietnam office is indeed a bridge between the company and its clients, uniting the 1C team in Vietnam and worldwide.

    Blending creativity and functionality and incorporating brand value, we aim to create a 1C Vietnam office that is more than just a working place; a space that is open, joyful, close to nature, wholeheartedly experienced, and sustainable are the primary objectives to fulfill the role of this bridge.

    Design: Baris Arch
    Photography: Abluebird Studio