Credit Suisse Offices – Riyadh

Bluehaus impressively designed Credit Suisse’s Riyadh office, blending modern elements with warm accents, creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing workplace catering to hybrid work scenarios.

  • Client Credit Suisse,
  • size 19,160 sqft
  • Year 2024
  • Location Riyadh, Saudi Arabia,
  • Industry Financial / Investments,
  • Renowned for their innovative approach to corporate spaces, Bluehaus has yet again set a benchmark with the design of Credit Suisse’s new Riyadh office. Spanning 19,160 sqft across three floors, the office space is a harmony of modern design and warm accents, delivering an ergonomic environment that elevates workplace aesthetics and functionality while catering to multiple work scenarios, including hybrid work.

    The journey through the new office begins with an elegant reception area, where minimalist design meets the organic warmth of wood, setting the stage for the space’s professional yet welcoming atmosphere. The custom-made table in the reception area combines functionality with a sleek design, featuring a dark, polished surface supported by matte black cylindrical bases. Paired with high stools in a contrasting green, it offers a convenient spot for brief meetings or individual work.

    As one transitions to the cafeteria, vibrant reds interweave with culturally rich patterns, creating an inviting communal space that energises and inspires.

    At the heart of the space is a long dining table made from natural wood, contributing an element of warmth and rustic charm. It is accompanied by minimalist wooden stools with gray fabric seats. At the center of the room, a richly patterned and custom-designed rug adds a layer of texture and color, featuring traditional local Saudi art patterns and motifs in red, black, and white, infusing the cafeteria with cultural depth and visual interest. The rug defines the dining area and adds a homely, comfortable feeling to the space.

    The collaboration zone is dominated by a yellow tone on the acoustic ceiling, the area is bathed in natural light that filters through large floor-to-ceiling windows. Wooden stools around high tables offer casual seating, while upholstered green armchairs provide comfortable spots for relaxation or conversation. A touch of nature is brought inside with potted greenery built into custom-made sofas. Soft neutrals and wooden finishes extend into the lounge areas, where the furniture selection and ambient lighting create pockets of relaxation and informal interaction. The design epitomises contemporary corporate style with its clean lines and minimalist aesthetic.

    Another client requirement focused on enhancing the meeting experience for hybrid workers by fostering inclusivity and productivity. Purpose-designed collaboration spaces cater to mixed-presence collaboration, incorporating design principles that are responsive to hybrid working models.

    The boardroom stands as the heart of the office, with its refined marble table. Above, a bespoke mesh ceiling diffuses light, pairing with ample natural light to evoke a space that is both illuminating and contemplative.

    Privacy is further designed with care in the individual meeting pods —ideal for those moments that demand undivided attention.

    Design: Bluehaus
    Project Manager: Turner & Townsend
    Contractor: RAM Contracting
    Photography: Aleksandra Kubik