EY Belgium Offices – Diegem

ncbham meticulously designed EY’s Belgian Headquarters, integrating organic architecture with nature-inspired schemes for a functional workplace, featuring custom elements like JIT booths and distinct floor treatments for each level.

  • Client EY Belgium,
  • size 160,232 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Diegem, Belgium,
  • Industry Consulting / Business Services,
  • ncbham was assigned to design EY’s Headquarters, encompassing 15,000 m² of workplace over five floors, along with a restaurant and business center on the ground and basement levels. The design strategy was meticulously tailored to the building’s organic architecture and guided by the subtle complexities and clear, functional schemes inherent in nature, notably the intricateness found in a butterfly’s wing.

    The design brief required accommodating 2,000 employees with various typologies and spaces to support different profiles and serve as a model for contemporary work environments. In close collaboration with the client, we meticulously planned both micro and macro layouts, inspired by the building’s envelope and environment.

    Strategic decisions were made regarding the placement of the business center and restaurant/kitchen area to ensure maximum fluidity and functionality. A centerpiece metallic staircase was introduced to ensure a smooth connection between the ground floor and basement level of the business center, generating a “foyer” experience that enhances the circulation and the overall experience in the meeting area. The restaurant, located on the ground level, is easily accessible upon arrival and buffered by an elegant reception area and lounge space that seamlessly merges into the dining areas. The organically shaped bar, open to both the restaurant and waiting area, offers a welcoming experience for guests and visitors.

    The layout emphasizes fluid circulation on the office levels, with pathways encircling the building’s cores and creating zones from open to secluded areas. Strategically clustered meeting and focus spaces around the core offer accessibility and varied layouts. Informal spaces in the central wings enable smooth transitions between building sections. We explored scale and layering to create contrasting ambiances: dimmed light and saturated tones for enclosed core elements, transitioning to lighter, transparent spaces in team areas with exterior views.

    The bespoke vs. ready-made debate led to custom solutions from the concept phase, establishing the building’s identity and supporting EY’s new work methods. Tailor-made elements like the Just in Time (JIT) booths, were pivotal in the design, fostering collaboration and focus.

    These booths were carefully crafted to offer an intimate ambiance, balancing visibility for interaction with privacy. Materials and openings were strategically employed to create a cozy yet productive workspace. By optimizing the design, detailing, and prototyping processes, we managed to maintain a favorable budget-to-quality ratio.

    As a result, the JIT was implemented and now serves almost as a totem for the office floors. Additional bespoke pieces, such as acoustic panels, vista desks, bleachers, and visual separators ensure a consistent identity and coherence throughout the building.

    Each floor was personalized with an accent color marked on the floor and ceiling treatment. Wood accents and acoustic panels or curtains are systematically found in open areas that require noise control and less exposure.

    The seamless integration of spaces with the existing architectural envelope created a cohesive and efficient environment, enhancing the user experience and effectively meeting EY.

    Design: ncbham
    Design Team: Madalina Anghelescu, Bao Thai Ngoc, Dimana Sofianska, Lauren Soulage, Marc Martinez, minHuy Nguyen, Mauro Brigham
    Architecture: ASSAR Architects
    Project Management: Sevasti Alexiadi, Clara Reviu, Jos Dreesen
    Food XP: Nicolas Ntalakidis, Danny Langman, Wil Nguyen
    Contractor: Kantoff
    Photography: Atelier minHuy, Save As Studio