PORTOS Offices – Prague

CAPEXUS redesigned the upscale 25th-floor law offices of PORTOS in Prague, blending historical significance with innovative design aspects like tree-shaped slats and sustainable materials for a modern yet traditional workspace.

  • Client PORTOS,
  • size 8,611 sqft
  • Year 2024
  • Location Prague, Czech Republic,
  • Industry Law Firm / Legal Services,
  • The law firm PORTOS, located on the 26th and 25th floors of the tallest building in Prague, has recently opened another chapter in its history.

    The office has undergone a major transformation in the past few months, with the rebranding and expansion of the office space to the newly renovated 25th floor with a total area of 823 sqm in March.

    The newly designed PORTOS offices represent a vision of workspace that respects the historical values of the legal environment and the present and future of strategic legal consulting. “Our office space on the 25th floor has created a unique working environment for all lawyers, associates and legal assistants. At the same time, we have the highest aesthetic and functional ambition,” comments Filip Drnec, Director of PORTOS.

    Generational change in practice
    In response to the dynamic growth and transformation of the PORTOS brand, which is now celebrating 31 years in the legal services market, CAPEXUS approached the design and realisation of a space reflecting the prestige and innovative approach of the firm. “The project was specific in several ways,” says Pavel Smutný, one of the founding partners. “The generational change, the expansion of our services and the necessary capacity expansion led us to the decision to create a next-generation workspace for our legal teams.” The firm was ranked second Employer of the Year in the recent TOP Employers 2024 survey.

    Carefully considered innovation
    CAPEXUS faced several unique challenges during the realisation of the project. The combination of a conservative perception of the legal world and progressive innovation required careful selection of design elements. These include, for example, tree-shaped slats that connect the entire space and give it an organic character. “The shape is projected in various forms throughout the space and connects it conceptually, whether it is the corrugated slats on the corridor walls, the dividing screen of the kitchen or the atypical bookcase. In the kitchen area itself, a beautiful skylight effect is achieved with Barrisol backlit foil in the ceiling,” explains architect Jakub Majtás.

    Another interesting feature of the new PORTOS offices are the carpet slats gradually transitioning into vinyl slats at the interface of the corridor with the relax lounge and kitchenette. The high-quality floor coverings used guarantee maximum noise elimination and a pleasant soft tread. The large-scale green wall and the interior spaces in a uniform beige colour make everything visually and sensationally cosy.

    Rounded glass partitions add a modern touch to the whole space. The modern lighting controls are worth mentioning. By connecting the luminaires to DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface), the intensity and temperature of all the luminaires in the office space can be controlled from one place.

    Sustainable priorities
    In addition to design, CAPEXUS has also focused on sustainability, and the evidence is abundant. In addition to the aforementioned temperature control system and remote-controlled lighting, there is also modern LED lighting with lower consumption and a redesign of the office layout to reduce the need for light.

    Czech suppliers and proven sources of renewable materials with certification were preferred in the project. For example, PEFC-certified wood from sustainable forests was used. The conference chairs in the phone booths are Cradle to Cradle certified, where if necessary one defective part is replaced instead of replacing the whole product.

    Tradition ready for the future
    The reconstruction of the highest offices in the country was carried out in parallel with the rebranding project. The offices already fully reflect the new identity and philosophy of strategic legal consulting. The design seeks to reflect the office’s rich history as well as its future direction and ambitions. It is a space that blends tradition with innovation, while taking care to minimize environmental impact through thoughtful selection of materials and technology.

    Design: CAPEXUS
    Photography: Studio Flusser