Rokt Offices – Sydney

Hammond Studio collaborated with ROKT in Sydney to revitalize their office space through innovative design that reflects their global identity and sustainability commitment, incorporating wayfinding, murals, and brand elements.

  • Client Rokt,
  • size 32,292 sqft
  • Year 2024
  • Location Sydney, Australia,
  • Industry Hardware / Software Development, Technology,
  • A global workplace that makes Sydney its star.

    Hammond Studio has joined forces with e-commerce tech company, ROKT, to revitalise and adaptively refurbish/renew its Sydney office space. Hammond’s design captures the essence of its global identity, extrapolating its branding through clever wayfinding and imaginative architectural details. The vibrancy of ROKT’s surrounding Surry Hills locale is also infused into the space with a series of specially commissioned mural artworks.

    Hammond’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility saw the studio execute an adaptive reuse strategy. Furniture and fixtures from ROKT’s previous fit-out were meticulously assessed and where possible repurposed or refurbished to extend their lifecycle and minimise waste.

    Leveraging the colour palette and linear ‘connector’ device which defines ROKT’s distinctive branding, Natasha Hammond led elements of brand application, environmental graphics and signage. The brand’s punchy colour palette can be seen in the wayfinding approach, and echoes of the angular ‘connector’ line can be found in the architectural detailing of Level 16’s Town Hall and the custom shrouds on the meeting rooms.

    Design: Hammond Studio
    Design Team: Todd Hammond, Zoe Gillett, Davide Tagini, Natasha Hammond
    Project Manager: Spitfire Control
    Builder: Devcon
    Photography: Terence Chin Photography