Color Trends: Office Designs Using Pink, Rose, and Blush

By Stephen Searer / June 25, 2020

If you’ve been following office design trends over the last decade, you’ve undoubtedly noticed a recent softening in the selection of materials, textures, and colors.

This softening seems to be interrelated with other currently trending topics such as the improvement of office acoustics, the addition of spaces for privacy and phone calls, as well as a general pendulum-swing away from raw, stripped-down office styling.

While the broader trend could probably be its own article, here we want to highlight one particular facet: color.

Specifically the various shades of pink we see designers using such as rose, salmon, hot pink, blush, etc.

Below is a collection of images each being linked to the project it came from to help get a better understanding of each in its original context.


© Philip Kottlorz

Above: Roman Klis Design Offices – Herrenberg by Ippolito Fleitz Group (view project)

© Garrett Rowland

Above: The Assemblage Coworking Offices - New York City by Mancini Duffy (view project)

© Yoav Peled

Above: Innovid Offices – Ramat Gan by EN Studio (view project)

© Ibrahim Ozbunar

Above: Barry Callebaut Offices & Chocolate Academy – Istanbul by Studio 13 Architects (view project)

© Dion Robeson

Above: Quadrant Energy Offices – Perth by Woods Bagot (view project)

© Nicole England

Above: Macpherson Kelley Offices – Melbourne by GroupGSA (view project)

© Luzern Photostudio

Above: Toradex Offices - Lucerne by Jeffrey Ibañez (view project)

© Amelia Stanwix

Above: Made For StudioStudio – Melbourne (view project)

© Alberto Monteagudo

Above: The Story Lab Offices – Madrid by Stone Designs (view project)

© Kilian O'Sullivan

Above: Idean Offices – London by Jackdaw Studio (view project)

© Tekla Evelina Severin

Above: Bakken & Bæck Offices – Amsterdam by Kvistad (view project)

© Kim Rodgers

Above: The Bouqs Co. Offices – Los Angeles by Wolcott Architecture (view project)

© Lasse Fløde

Above: Bakken & Bæck Offices – Oslo by Kvistad (view project)