Tables and Benches with Integrated Plants

By Stephen Searer / February 2, 2023

Since 2007, we’ve identified over 10,000 project photos that contain plants.

One recently identified trend is that of planters integrated into the furniture itself. Not next to. Not on top of. Not nearby. Within.

Let’s take a peek at some examples of this growing trend:

Trees within tables

Project: Nucleus Spec Suits in Mumbai (view project)
Design: Ultraconfidentiel Design

Project: Cardno APAC (view project)
Design: Cox Architecture

Project: Novo Nordisk in Paço de Arco (view project)
Design: Vector Mais

Plants within Benches

Project: Behavox in Montreal (view project)

Project: Sushi Sushi in Melbourne (view project)
Design: Concept Commercial Interiors

Project: Playstudios in Hanoi (view project)
Design: AKI Design

Project: IncepTech in Budapest (view project)
Design: Arch-Studio

Plants within Counters

Project: Artlist in Tel Aviv (view project)
Design: Switchup

Project: PANAC in Tokyo (view project)
Design: The Design Studio K.K

Project: Darling Park Tower Spec Suites (view project)
Design: Creo Design Group