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M Moser Associates redesigned L’Oréal’s Seoul office with a focus on embracing agility, fusing brand identity with local culture, and creating a hybrid workspace that supports flexibility and collaboration.

Blitz designed a glamorous West Coast home for L’Oréal, integrating feminist history with fluid and community-focused elements, brand-specific areas, color-themed environments, and wellness features.

Contract Workplaces designed a new Bogota-based office space for L’Oréal Colombia that emphasizes open and colorful design, functionality, and sustainability, with distinct identities for each floor and a focus on employee comfort and productivity.

The Design Studio K.K. completed the L’Oréal offices in Tokyo with a focus on creating a space that embodies the beauty of Japan and encourages collaboration and human connections.

Métaphore Design designed a collaborative space with hands-on capabilities for the L’Oréal offices in Montreal,…

Contract Workplaces incorporated creative wall finishes and playful materials to design the L’Oréal offices in…

TABOORET struck a balance between elegance and industrial to complete the L’Oréal offices in Kyiv,…

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