BIA Design Studio

BIA Design, founded by Ana D’Castro, is a Dubai based award winning architectural practice. Our strong creative background and international experience allows us to provide a wide range of design services including architecture, master planning, interiors, renovations, product design and art installations. BIA Design ethos persists in the goal of achieving a symbiosis between Art and Architecture, and therefore lets these two disciplines merge with each other while taking the best of both disciplines. ARTCHITECTURE is a concept that we aim to achieve in all our projects, either by the use of distinct colors in the Building facades, or the introduction of traditional Arabic elements into a modern refurbishment, or yet using a simple geometric grid to create a complex building. We believe that Art & Architecture can never be dissociated, and by using them together we can elevate the projects to a higher level of complexity. The use of color is directly associated with the psychology of the environment, geometry can introduce movement and rhythm to the spaces, and site specific design installations can create multiple uses for an ordinary case. Eliminating the threshold between art and architecture, our ideas are transformed into unique pieces of design or special installations creating beautiful objects.

Location: Dubai, UAE
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Desert Routes Offices – Dubai

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