Golden Ratio Collective Architecture

Golden Ratio was established in 1999, aiming to provide quality services in the fields of design and construction of buildings and facilities.
Golden Ratio is a family business, consisting of engineers with expertise in various disciplines. Thus, collaboration and collectivity are vital parts of the way the company works.

The name of the company, Golden Ratio summarizes its philosophy and design principles:
Continuous exploration and conservation of the Golden Ratio, the ideal balance in every aspect of life, is not only a way of thinking and a way of life for the group but also the concept on which every project is built.

Collective Architecture

Collective Architecture is an interactive experience organized in nine steps, in which the entire team of Golden Ratio as well as the client are involved from the very first moment of cooperation. For the creative team, Collective Architecture is a powerful mean that enables synthesizing each client’s personality profile, lifestyle and needs, in order to find the Golden Ratio between:
aesthetics and functionality
innovation and timeless values
energy efficiency and natural environment
quality and cost

Location: Greece
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