ALD Automotive Offices – Athens

  • Client ALD Automotive,
  • size 7,535 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Athens, Greece,
  • Industry Transportation,
  • Golden Ratio Collective Architecture recently accomplished the office design for auto leasing company, ALD Automotive, located in Athens, Greece.

    In an existing three-level building, the layout of the car rental company was developed. Each section was tailored to its needs with distinct boundaries on the single surface of the level.

    Employees, although they have a certain working space, feel like they belong to a whole but, at the same time, they understand the uniqueness of their contribution.

    One can find circular outlines at the offices and trapezoid outlines at the meeting room and the superior’s office at the first level. Vertical blinds delimit but, at the same time, allow one to look inward from a specific height and up.

    Graphic design plays a key role in shaping the space, but also in communicating the values of the company. Selected photographs with a focus on the road reflect the expansion of the company’s boundaries and capabilities any time.

    At the top level, in addition to the modules, two meeting rooms with the possibility of integrating them into a single were formed. Wood wraps around the surfaces to indicate the context of the company, while lighting spells out the processes, synergies, but also the intensities and moments of total satisfaction that are born in the meeting rooms.

    The swing and shape of the lights differentiate the levels and the modules, creating unique images and sharp reflections to the glass surfaces of the spaces.

    Design: Golden Ratio Collective Architecture
    Photography: Demi Karatzaferi