Naomi Shahar architecture & interior design

Naomi Shahar is the founder and owner of an architecture and interior design studio specializing in commercial space design. The studio’s main focus is design of office and work areas, lobbies, showrooms and general public-use spaces. Many of the clients are brand names and special attention is given to following the corporate culture, general characteristics of the firm, and the space is intended for. In order to accomplish this task, the studio spends much time immersing itself in the client’s existing work areas, learning about the work environment, the atmosphere and studying the brand itself – an experience that allows for a more true-to-form final product.
Naomi designs all aspects of the projects, beginning with the spaces themselves, through lighting, furniture selection and design and is present at the project up until the construction is finished and the company “moves in”. It is very much a “hand on experience” as opposed to other design offices in the market.

Location: Modi'in, Israel
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