We are an award-winning interior design studio based in Dubai. Launched in 2013 as Pallavi Dean Interiors, we rebranded as Roar in September 2018. Flagship projects include the Delano Dubai hotel, UAE offices for media firm Edelman, and The Nursery of the Future for the UAE Prime Minister’s Office.

We want to give people an amazing experience in the spaces we design. The staff in an office; the family at home; the children in school; the guests in a restaurant – we wake up and go to work for them.

We’re changing what it means to be an interior design firm. A better culture, a better philosophy, a better way of working.

We’ve scrapped fixed hours for designers. Some people are early birds, others are night owls. They get to choose. The benefits to us – and our clients – are huge. We believe creative people thrive on creative freedom. Are we strict on deadlines? 100%. Do people work hard? 110%. But flexibility makes us happier, healthier, better designers. And it makes us a magnet for talent.

In short, while many firms cage designers, Roar sets them free.

At heart we’re a bunch of feel good hippies who put self-help gurus and positive psychologists on the same pedestal as acclaimed architects. We believe this upbeat energy makes a real difference to the work we deliver.

We pour our heart and soul into the local design community. We teach university courses, run an active intern programme, promote local talent (even our rivals!), contribute to design fairs, and share our knowledge through the media.

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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