Zemberek Design

Zemberek Design, a team mainly works on interior projects, is conservative about, starting a design process by “finding the right question” is the key element, that reveals the basic and simplest idea, leading to conclusion. This initial and most time-consuming phase of the design process evolves with dialogs and exchanging of ideas between the members of Zemberek Design Team. Occasionally, constraints of existing building, project requirement, hierarchy of functions, or decisions on circulation becomes the main idea of design, in addition to consider the space perception of the user. “The right question” that needs to be answered in the final project are taken into the consideration in its simplest form. Simple architectural solutions as answer to basic demands of the space make the user perceive the initial question. By the perception of space that is prioritized at the beginning of the process, initiation of an involvement process for the user in which the user is able to read and understand the cause-effect relations, is aimed. This approach renders the user-designer relation cyclical.

Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Learn More: http://www.zemberek.org
Vigoss Textile Offices – Istanbul

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