Antik Dantel Offices – Istanbul

Antik Dantel included both executive and open office areas, designed to avoid the monotonous of ordinary working spaces and intertwined with nature, at their new space in Istanbul.

  • Client Antik Dantel,
  • size 8,072 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Istanbul, Turkey,
  • Industry Fashion / Beauty,
  • Zemberek Design was engaged by lace producer and exporter, Antik Dantel, to design their custom and bespoke work environment located in Istanbul, Turkey.

    The headquarters of the firm, which is a long-established lace producer and exporter, is located far away from the city center, on a land with a lake view and the surrounding area has not been urbanized yet.

    The entrance is on the ground floor that is basically defined as the showroom. From the entrance, the building allows the visitors to continue their relationship with the surrounding nature, with completely transparent facades. The intensive use of plants indoors also ensures the continuity of nature and visitor relationships.

    The whole building is like a corridor extending from the main road to the lake view with its plan scheme. The showroom on the ground floor is a single space with a strong sense of direction, divided by arches lined up like a spine. A single-arm staircase that continues the flow in the same direction, attached to the main orientation setup, on the second axle, carries the circulation to the office floor. The office floor’s main circulation axis works like a street, with the narrowing and expansion in the plan setup, the occupancy vs vacancy composition on the interior office facades, and the variety of materials. “The street” opens outdoor through the small yards that are attached to it. Finally, the journey ends with the terrace opening to the lake view. The whole loop consists of an uninterrupted experience, that connects this floor to the showroom on the ground floor with a spiral staircase on the last axis.

    The spiral stair rises from the same point and connects to the executive offices at the mezzanine level of the showroom. Located on both sides of the landing, these rooms are separated from each other by an inner courtyard and meet again with a single balcony that unites on the side of the courtyard facing the view. By the transparent interior facades facing the stairway, their connection with the showroom is never interrupted. In both executive rooms, there is a sense of life that reflects both its own user and the story of the company.

    One of the important points of the project is to break the usual office feeling with custom-designed details with the prevailing material variety throughout the building, without compromising the function in open working areas. Usage of plants and the correlation established with green are clearly felt throughout the project.

    Design: Zemberek Design
    Design Team: Basak Emrence, Safak Emrence, Ece Ilgin, Murat Cakan, Fatma Altintas, Cihan Sahin, Cagla Abdu, Elif Molla
    Photography: Ibrahim Ă–zbunar