Office Phone Booths

Distractions here, distractions there, distractions everywhere.

Chat notifications, meeting invites, new emails, old emails, a loud sales call across the room, someone blowing their nose, and that important text message that you just received.

In the modern workplace it seems like distractions are just part of the job and they can come from anywhere and be in the form of anything.

Office Phone Booths

Over the last 20 years, open plan offices have dominated the landscape and long with them have come increases in employee distraction. In a traditional office setting it was often possible close the office door to take a call, but when everyone is in a single room phone noice becomes a huge problem.

While calls made by other people can be very distracting, it can also be stressful to be on a call while everyone can hear you and quietly judge your phone skills.

Phone booths have become an important tool in an office designer’s toolkit to give people a designated place to have calls. These can be built into the office, but the number of manufacturers selling pre-built office phone booths have skyrocketed.

Study Rooms, Quiet Spaces, Focus Rooms

Even though conference calls or sales calls necessitate spaces built for those activities, office planners have found that creating spaces for quiet, individual, and focused work are also important work tools for employees.

In some ways the modern workplace is becoming more like a university experience with a variety of work tasks and regularly switching between subject areas — some taking place in group settings, other requiring focus, others around food.

With that being the case, it was only a matter of time before companies developed spaces like what have been apart of campus life for a long time such as the college library or study rooms.