Product LaunchMay 7, 2020

Davis Furniture releases Brace Collection tables by jehs+laub

Brace seamlessly blends the technological precision of modern design with a celebration of solid wood’s unique, natural characteristics. Ranging in size and shape from small meeting to large conference, Brace asserts itself as an anchoring visual in any interior from contract to residential.

Brace’s architectural legs form a minimalist base for this statement piece. Each leg unites at the floor and then splits into a fork which connects to the underside of the table. Constructed from either binary steam bent solid wood or dual 3/8″ angled solid steel, this sculptural foundation creates an element that is both physically and visually strong while maintaining an air of lightness and delicacy.

Design Features:

  • Brace is constructed of a 28-millimeter thick solid wood top in either oak or walnut
  • Brace’s legs are offered in steam bent solid wood or 3/8″ solid steel
  • All solid wood for Brace is sustainably harvested from European forests. Each table begins as a single-sourced trunk consciously chosen at the end of its lifecycle.
  • Brace is finished with either a clear lacquer or linseed oil, either of which allows the true beauty and depth of the wood to be realized.

Brand: Davis Furniture
Designer: jehs+laub
Available: May 2020
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