Product LaunchSeptember 27, 2021

Davis Furniture releases Quad

Quad is a high back lounge designed by jehs+laub that’s simple yet innovative concept brings together options for privacy and collaboration to the busy workplace. Not only a bold statement piece featuring long lines and soft curves, Quad is also practical and flexible in functionality. This new lounge approaches similar user-centered concepts defined within the modular lounge world but achieves them through a simple singular unit. By allowing the individual to create collective spaces for group collaboration or distinctive areas for quiet solitude, Quad’s placement within the workscape can drastically improve productivity and workflow in corporate settings.

Quad’s geometric design directs modern offices into functional and private spaces for both the group and the individual. For example, arranging Quad inward creates private work areas for collective group work and small, breakout meetings; and turning these the same pieces outwards defines a moment for a solitary recharge away from the group. As a result, Quad quickly and effectively modifies any open-plan office.

Brand: Davis Furniture
Designed by: jehs+laub