Product LaunchJuly 27, 2021

Spacestor releases Verandas

Meet Verandas – the meeting rooms you never throw away. Verandas is a socially responsible, engineered architectural room system that is inherently sustainable, incorporates massive design choice and is curated for the future. Materials have been sourced carefully and innovation has been applied to create unique and patented sustainable solutions.

Verandas was born to address the meeting room problem of today, providing a highly flexible, sustainable and design-focussed solution. Traditional meeting rooms are becoming a challenge; they are expensive, fixed, full of materials which are difficult or impossible to recycle and are totally single-use. Along with this, leases are getting shorter, spaces are changing faster; we are living out one giant workplace experiment.

Verandas’ highly modular construction provides an adaptable way of dividing space, creating collaborative and social settings, as well as incorporating accessories and customization. Each room variant can be dismantled and rebuilt with ease and at high speed by the in-house facilities team. Most elements can be reused again, not only reducing wastage and therefore money, but saving anything from going to landfill.

But Verandas kit-of-parts is so much more than a meeting room. By activating the external walls using additional architecture and add-on accessories, we can really maximise the possibilities it brings to your workspace, catering to multiple working styles and needs. Spaces for focus-working, meeting privately, brainstorming, scrum working, chilling out or catching up informally are all allowed for with the Verandas system.

Easy customization using the Spacestor Customizer and a huge array of finish options and design choices allow you to create a look that is totally bespoke and yet built on a scalable framework. Verandas – the meeting room choice if you care about the future.

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