Product LaunchJune 21, 2023


When we set out to reimagine the ideal meeting room of the future, we decided to create a timeless organic design that establishes a pleasant and welcoming feeling. A space that invites you to come in and work.

An oasis of silence that offers you all the top-notch technologies to make you even more productive whilst staying focused and peaceful.

Oasis combines the best that the smart tech world has to offer. However, it is not only about putting technologies together.
We have developed a simple user experience coming from our own findings of what most modern meeting rooms are missing.

Traditional Czech glassmaking goes back centuries and is famous for its design and craftsmanship. Merging our 30 years of experience in modern glass partitions with our Bohemian history, Oasis is the world’s first smart glass frameless meeting room with rounded corners. The unique outside look is complimented by the hand-crafted crystal lights inside.

LIKO-S OASIS® is a modular solution that can be configured according to your wishes.

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