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Studio Alexander Fehre designed a sophisticated and pioneering workspace for the Hyatt office at Zurich Airport, merging hotel elements with office functionality, creating a blend of professionalism and hospitality.

JOP Architekten led the design of Microsoft’s new Swiss headquarters at “The Circle” with Glaeser Projekt and WSA Office Projekt emphasizing a modern, biophilic workspace concept for around 600 employees with feco’s sustainable office solutions.

Evolution Design has transformed their office into an inspiring studio with a focus on team collaboration and social interaction, featuring a larger kitchen, glass partitions for dividing the open plan office, and a newly created focus room.

Evolution Design created Eraneos' Zurich offices as an inviting workplace with indoor greenery, acoustic booths, and both individual and social spaces, to encourage cross-collaboration and maintain a 'one-company' culture within the fast-growing organization.

Due to the wine retailer company's rapid growth, Flaschenpost Services doubled their office size to create more formal and informal spaces to encourage their team-based culture.

An international pharmaceuticals company has moved into their new Swiss headquarters near the Zurich airport, a flowing and changeable space fit to serve a variety of work needs.

Trispace showed off their ability as experts in functional space and future-thinking capabilities at their…

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