from BuzziSpace

The magic of BuzziSpark lies in the allure of the unknown—the surprise of not knowing whom you’ll meet around the corner. From the outside, nobody can see who you are talking with or overhear your conversation. While sitting in the lounge, users will enjoy the benefits of acoustic privacy walls. In open offices BuzziSpark can be used to create a private meeting space or alternative workstation without distraction, encouraging uninterrupted focus. It is an ideal solution for reception, lounge areas and break-out spaces alike. BuzziSpark is available in four different configurations, including BuzziSpark Original, a contemporary tete-a-tete lounge, which is available in a large three seat model (AG103) and a more compact two seat configuration (AG102). The collection also includes a spacious BuzziSpark Sofa (AG112) as well as a private single seat lounge chair (AG111). Mix-and-match shield heights to achieve various levels of privacy and sound-control.
Designed by Alain Gilles
BuzziSpark by BuzziSpace