Laine Barstool

from Bernhardt Design

In an industry where hand made furniture is becoming a rare commodity, industrial designer
Defne Koz defies conventional wisdom to create pieces made with great care and attention to detail. Inspired by the art of stone setting, Koz brings this precision to Laine by combining traditional craft with new technology for Bernhardt Design.

Laine is a truly distinctive object that took more than two years to perfect. Crafted from solid walnut and stainless steel, every seat is carved to fit the four connecting points. The two materials meet with an exactness that is possible only by combining handcraft with contemporary technology like CNC machining and precision metal casting. Laine is available in an oiled walnut finish with the option of either a polished or brushed stainless steel base.

Designed by Defne Koz

Laine Barstool by Bernhardt Design