from Mute

OmniRoom is a modular room-in-room system for creating plug & play, flexible workspaces. The system allows users to create tailor-made Rooms or choose from preconfigured options, designed to serve four main office functions. Rooms can be placed separately or combined into multifunctional hubs that can act as central points of the office. The construction can be easily modified: users can create many constructions of different shapes from the same modules, ensuring the system always fits current needs. Plus, every OmniRoom has ventilation, lighting, and electricity integrated. The system includes: • Variety of modules allowing infinite constructions possibilities • A selection of 100 pre-designed Rooms. • A selection of dedicated furniture. The set contains 30 elements. Every piece can be hung on any wall and height (inside or out). • A patented click-in system for quick assembly Agile and durable, the OmniRoom offers a more sustainable and cost-effective approach to office design than traditional plasterboard constructions.