Le FIVE Workspace – Paris

MOORE Design‘s Le FIVE project in Paris redefines office spaces with sustainable design, recycled furniture, flexible work areas, and a focus on creativity, collaboration, and innovation.

  • Client Moore Design,
  • size 16,146 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Paris, France,
  • Industry Design,
  • In the heart of Paris’s 2nd, Le FIVE stands as a veritable laboratory of experimentation and innovation. Far from being simply a traditional head office, Le FIVE emerges as a dynamic showcase for MOORE’s experience and know-how. With its 1,500 square meters, this worklab is not only a showcase for avant-garde and sustainable concepts, but also a living testimony to MOORE’s commitment to pushing back the boundaries of creativity and innovation.​

    In keeping with FIVE’s responsible and sustainable approach, MOORE has incorporated recycled furniture from its committed Less is MOORE brand. Less is not a concept, a product or a realization, It is MOORE’s brand of commitment and solidarity, rethinking the offices of tomorrow to meet the needs of their customers today. Less symbolizes MOORE’s determination to redefine the future of more sustainable office spaces, transcending conventional norms to align with the needs and aspirations of their customers.​

    Inside Le FIVE premises, visitors discover work and relaxation spaces that harmoniously merge functionality and aesthetics. Less is MOORE’s recycled furniture not only adds an eco-responsible touch, but also tells a compelling story of sustainability and responsible design. ​

    To encourage flexibility, the MOORE Team has no dedicated desk: Desks, Project table, assembly rooms, meeting rooms and phone booth are bookable trough the Iotspot App. A locker area has been set up to allow this flexibility.​

    The worklab’s thoughtful layout and avant-garde design create an immersive experience, inviting exploration and interaction. Every customer can try out these workspaces, which encourage creativity, collaboration and innovation. Le FIVE breaks down the traditional boundaries of workspaces.

    Design: MOORE Design
    Photography: Alexis Paoli