Office Snapshots Tours Zappos HQ

  • Client Zappos,
  • Location Henderson, Nevada, United States,
  • Industry Fashion / Beauty,
  • Every so often I have the opportunity to visit one of the companies we write about on Office Snapshots to get a real-life visit instead of one of the virtual variety. Well, the latest of these visits was to Zappos HQ in Henderson, Nevada. Special thanks to Alex Kirmse at Zappos for arranging it and giving the tour.

    If you haven’t ever heard of Zappos, odds are that you don’t have feet. It is (probably) the world’s largest shoe retailer, carrying almost one hundred thousand million trillion different brands of shoe. Well, maybe not that many, but close.

    As far as their office is concerned, it contains somewhere around 700 employees in two different buildings (get a job there). One thing that you are sure to notice is that creativity and expression are large parts of the company culture. This is seen through each employee’s cubicle and each department’s conference room, which they design for themselves. Everyone from every department was super friendly making the experience extra enjoyable.