Google Offices – Washington D.C.

  • Client Google,
  • Location Washington DC, United States,
  • Industry Technology,
  • Google‘s offices are never normal, but their Washington D.C. office could possibly be one of the most interesting of them all. While Google Zurich has some pretty outrageous amenities, D.C. is said to have 1100 sq. ft. per employee, which is pretty insane. One article believes that this office is meant for only a couple things, neither of which are engineering related: Lobbying and Partying.

    This space is pretty normal for Google standards, boasting cubicles, a nice kitchen, huge TVs, and plenty of bright colors. While most people are fans of Google offices, I wonder if their D.C. space would have fit into Pierre L’Enfant‘s plan for the city.

    IMAGE CREDIT: Images 1-3 snapped by tvol. 4-5 taken by technotheory. The rest by tdnjteam.