Headvertising Offices

Today’s post is our first display of office images in the country of Romania, a country that I enjoyed visiting several years ago. The only downside was having my camera stolen by a gang of street children (True story!). However, I have a short memory, a new camera, and a love for great offices. So, I’ll let that go and just enjoy presenting today’s space.

Headvertising is an advertising firm located in Bucharest, and has a very unique office setup. The space was designed by Romanian architect, Corvin Christian, and is just filled with a combination of wood tones and the coolness of cement. If you had too much of either it might be super overwhelming, but this space looks pretty comfortable. The lighting looks a bit dim for my tastes, but it could just me a gloomy day with only a few lights on. The best feature is the glass-pane conference cube and moveable storage.

Those couches look like the most comfortable thing I’ve ever seen, anyone know what brand they are?