PTTEP Headquarters – Where Casual Seating That Inspires Rules

  • Client PTTEP,
  • Location Bangkok, Thailand,
  • Industry Consulting / Business Services,
  • Today’s images don’t really show any portion of the offices of PTTEP (PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited), but they do show some fascinating views of casual seating areas built to inspire.

    Designed by HASSELL, the space also seems to have a keen eye on interesting materials and shapes, which give some visual playfulness without being overwhelming. One material in particular that takes center stage is fake grass. We’ve seen this popping up in a numbr of offices lately, and more often than not, it looks fantastic. Though the photography doesn’t hurt either.

    Slanted lines, jagged edged, bright colors, metal, spirals, wood. This office has it all, including some nice furniture choices from companies like Vitra. This office is located in Bangkok, Thailand and is actually an impressive 18 stories.