Inside The New Google Tel Aviv Office

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  • Client Google,
  • size 86,000 sqft
  • Year 2013
  • Location Tel Aviv, Israel,
  • Industry Technology,
  • Google has recently moved into an incredible new office space Tel Aviv, Israel. Designed by Camenzind Evolution, in collaboration with Setter Architects and Studio Yaron Tal, the impressive 8,000 sqm campus occupies 8 floors in Electra Tower.

    With incredible views of the city, the space is set primed for not only giving employees the right tools for work, but also those for inspiration and creativity. Colorfully-themed rooms and local styling are something I’ve come to love about Camenzind Evolution’s Google office designs.

    “It is a new milestone for Google in the development of innovative work environments: nearly 50% of all areas have been allocated to create communication landscapes, giving countless opportunities to employees to collaborate and communicate with other Googler’s in a diverse environment that will serve all different requirements and needs.

    There is clear separation between the employees traditional desk based work environment and those communication areas, granting privacy and focus when required for desk based individual working and spaces for collaboration and sharing ideas.

    Each floor was designed with a different aspect of the local identity in mind, illustrating the diversity of Israel as a country and nation. Each of the themes were selected by a local group of Googlers, who also assisted in the interpretation of those chosen ideas.

    Being in Israel, for lunch the Googlers can choose from three amazing restaurants, for non-kosher, kosher dairy and kosher meat, each of the restaurants designed to it’s own style and theme.

    Only 7 of the 8 rented floors in Electra Tower are actually occupied by Google. The remaining floor gives space to a new ‘Campus’, which was also opened in December by the Israeli Prime Minister. The ‘Campus Tel Aviv’, powered by Google for Entrepreneurs, is a new hub for entrepreneurs and developers, providing a base for start-up companies, and is only the second Google ‘Campus’ worldwide.

    Sustainability played a vital role to Google in the development of their new Tel Aviv offices and the project is currently awaiting LEED ‘Platinum’ certification, the first of its category in Israel.”

    Design: Camenzind Evolution (project archive) with Setter Architects and Studio Yaron Tal
    Photography: Itay Sikolski

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