New High Tech Office in Tel Aviv

  • Client Unnamed Company,
  • Location Tel Aviv, Israel,
  • Industry Manufacturing,
  • A technology company based in Tel Aviv, Israel has recently had their office refreshed with the help of Business Styling. The office incorporates a lot of color to create a a stylish office.

    “Housed in approximately 550 square meters, the company develops advanced green energy products, and therefore the design inspiration was the sun and what it represents: The result is a warmth and energetic work-space with a glow, and colors of sunset and sunrise, very cheerful and joy.

    A significant motif in the office design is the yellow-orange-red colors. The company logo consists of red to orange and yellow, these colors are reflected in the hot color scale. It translated to the interior design firm with harmony; it’s a joyful, optimistic palette. It rejuvenates the working environment and is as refreshing and stimulating as a glass of “Tequila Sun Rise”

    Red Orange Yellow surfaces hinted the walls, colorful carpets (“Kilim”, Sumac) and vintage accessories and furnitures from the flea market of Jaffa TLV.

    The yellow is not just a trend these days, it adds energy and light to the space, and that is why it could be used successfully for a cognitive work environment: It helps to focus and stimulates creative thinking. Colors have a pretty strong influence on human behavior. We recommend using some calmer, more moderate shades in the working environment, and avoiding extreme contrasts inside the rooms.

    First elected as eloquent iconic yellow Eames chairs in the conference room and in the private offices furnishing. White minimalist office partitions seamlessly combined yellow. Most of the spaces were designed using cool and clean elements, so it was very important for us to create the right balance.”

    Design: Business Styling
    : Shay Epstien