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Acquilano designed a top-ranked workplace in Denver, featuring warm-toned industrial elements, 360-degree mountain views, and flexible spaces for socializing and events, in collaboration with various partners.

Gindi Studio‘s design for a hi-tech client in Tel Aviv focuses on “Connecting People” through unique office spaces, natural materials, indoor-outdoor transitions, and harmonious elements fostering well-being and productivity.

Right Angle Studio designed a warm, natural palette for an open-plan working environment for a client in Singapore with elements inspired by Straits Chinese houses and rattan screens.

ZYETA designed a sustainable and luxurious workspace in Bengaluru for a multinational fashion brand, incorporating ‘Low Carbon, High Impact’ principles with eco-harmonious aesthetics, tailored work zones, and recycled materials.

MF design studio designed an office for a London-based client with a friendly culture, providing a space for employees to relax, socialize, and unwind with colorful, fun aesthetics.

Bespoke Only‘s innovative office design in NYC reimagines traditional corporate spaces with a blend of historic and modern elements, creating an artsy, liberating atmosphere that nurtures creativity and collaboration.

MKDA transformed a 108,000 square-foot space for a government agency in NYC, incorporating natural materials and flexible breakout areas to create a warm, collaborative, and inviting workspace.

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