7 Large Corporate Offices You’ll Wish You Worked At

I’ve never had the opportunity to work for a really large, multi-national company. And unless Office Snapshots goes global and has thousands of employees and moves to a sprawling campus, I probably won’t. But I do get the chance to regularly see what it might be like to work for one. So today I put together a list of 7 large corporate offices from a variety of companies around the world whose offices I could see myself working in.

Microsoft Vienna

Global software maker Microsoft has a colorful, fresh, and eye-catching office space located in Vienna. As a large corporation, Microsoft has used their own Workplace Advantage Program to help create an office environment unique to the particular tasks needed at this location. This space features a number of themed conference and meeting rooms ranging from a hunting lodge ocean. Another popular feature is the plant wall in the reception – which also features an excellent x-ray graphic of a computer. (full tour here)





BBC North

With 2300 employees needing to work in the same structure, global news broadcaster BBC has turned to an urban design approach for their Manchester, UK location. In order to create a more neighborhood feeling, the office design includes no private offices – not even the head of BBC North has one. Instead, there are hot desking booths, collaboration zones, telephone chairs. (full tour here)






Global healthcare giants GlaxoSmithKline have a large office space located in Philadelphia’s Navy Yard. Key goals of the headquarters building are sustainability (Double LEED-Platinum) and health. While the project is filled with sustainable features, some of the notable ones include the 4-story atrium which brings natural light in a majority of office spaces, and green roof which crowns the building offering improved insulation and herbs and vegetables for the company’s cafeteria. (full tour here)




Google Shanghai

Google has many amazing offices worldwide that are known for their fun, flair, and creative designs. Some of the features of the Shanghai office include themed conference spaces, casual seating areas, and an open office layout. Their Shanghai office project was managed by PSG Global, an international project management company that specialises in the project management of large scale office design, fit outs and relocation.





Abercrombie & Fitch Headquarters

Global clothing company Abercrombie & Fitch have their head offices located on a sprawling campus in New Albany, Ohio. Set among a grassy and tree-covered landscape, the large office space offers employees an energetic, active, and fun environment to not only work, but play. Some of the office features include “clusters of large worktables in open, light-filled sheds.  Enclosed spaces within these areas are limited to special offices and conference areas, often occurring as tall towers flanking two-story voids.” (full tour here)




Eneco Rotterdam

Eneco is a Dutch energy company whose headquarters building is located in Rotterdam. Completed in 2012, the building is meant to be a leader efficiency and sustainability. One unique feature is the ‘Eneco Village’ found on the ground level and first floor which includes a meeting centre around a central atrium with a coffee bar, meeting facilities, working spots, restaurant and a flexible auditorium. (full tour here)





Adobe Global Headquarters

Adobe’s global headquarters is located in San Jose, California and spans around 1 million square feet. The office space used to consist of mostly private offices, but has recently undergone some major renovations to open up the layout to be much more multi-functional. The revamped headquarters also gives the Adobe executive team an open work area to instill a collaborative and communicative culture to the entire company from the top down. (full tour here)