Vasakronan’s Activity-based Headquarters

  • Client Vasakronan,
  • size 26,909 sqft
  • Year 2012
  • Location Stockholm, Sweden,
  • Industry Consulting / Business Services,
  • Real estate company Vasakronan has moved into a new Activity-based workplaces with the help of Swedish design firm, BSK Arkitekter.

    When they decided to move their headquarters, they did not just have new premises. They wanted to develop their whole operation, and thus also their customers. BSK Architects have been responsible for the entire process through implementation and finally in the finished result.

    The goal is to create a dynamic workplace where employees do not have a fixed, individual workplace but instead given the chance to do their work wherever they are in the room.

    Vasakronan’s new headquarters is now Sweden’s foremost activity-based workplace. They have got an efficient workplace that also contributes to improved leadership and interaction at work. And in the end, a better profitability.

    Vasakronan’s vision is to bring cities and people develop. This took BSK Architects mind when the concept of Vasakronan new offices began. The focus was on creating more interaction and collaboration between employees. Inspiration was taken from the Italian 1600’s of the city of Palma Nova. The unique urban architecture with a clear center in the form of a piazza where the main streets radiate like sunrays and is crossed by several layers of ring roads. This translated into a modern office.Several natural meeting places in the city was translated to open venues in the office. As the carnival, workshop, greenhouse, pergola, etc.

    City concept recurs also in the interior. Clear exterior traits found in all parts of the room. BSK Architects chose consistently more raw materials and also chose to remove the headliner to release ventilation and pipes. Both the employees and the guests are guided also by the space through the use of clear signal colors of the furniture, as signs of a town. Part is consistently blue, another yellow, and so on. Moreover, it has created a meeting lounge, which serves as an inspiring venue for Vasakronan clients and a central location for shorter work.

    Vasakronan now have a fully activity-based workplace for its roughly 220 employees. Something that is unique in Sweden.

    Design: BSK Arkitekter