Edward Fields Carpet Makers NYC Office and Showroom

BR Design Associates designed a combination showroom/office space for New York City-based Edward Fields Carpet Makers.

BR Design set out to transform a space that would showcase the one of a kind rugs created by Edward Fields Carpet Makers, as well as provide a functional, creative workspace for its designers. The result was a truly warm, inviting gallery and workroom wherein every detail – down to the curation of the custom shelving – was considered with a discerning eye.

Full-size rugs hanging at the reception area create a dramatic entry while the gallery space features hanging rug samples above custom-designed cabinetry where customers and employees can reference additional swatches and materials. With thousands of carpet samples on hand, the associates at BR Design were able to create an attractive yet efficient way to store and access them. The careful combination of a more organic palette with classic modern pieces and lustrous finishes creates the perfect balance between a clean, modern aesthetic and the comforts of home.

Additionally, we helped Edward Fields re-brand their company by coming up with a solution that reflects their brand identity based on the historical significance of the company. This new identity was given a strong start with the renovated showroom. All natural wood, raw concrete floors, and neutral wall spaces provide perfect backgrounds for the rugs on display. Having enjoyed working with this client and finding their rugs to be particularly beautiful, BR Design sometimes refers its own clients to the space to look at floor coverings for their new offices.

Design: BR Design Associates
Photography: Eric Laignel