Freshdesk – Chennai Offices

  • Client Freshdesk,
  • size 60,000 sqft
  • Year 2015
  • Location Chennai, India,
  • Industry Technology,
  • Freshdesk has expanded their offices in Chennai, India and added some colorful graphics to the space.

    Sometime at the end of 2012, Freshdesk realized that they were growing at breakneck speed. Their bright, carefree workspace was getting rather cramped and uncomfortable and not to mention, there were running out of room even in their cafeteria and recreation zone. When they got in touch with the architects that would eventually build them the office of their dreams, their brief was simple: a workspace that reflected both the company culture and the energy that their young team brought to the table everyday. A playful, fun working environment that would foster creativity and make collaboration easier.

    Today, the first thing you notice when you walk into the Freshdesk office in Chennai is the open office plan. It is a core part of the culture and everyone from the CEO to the newest intern, sits in open cubicles. It’s excellent for collaboration and the team loves that they just have to raise their head and holler to talk to someone. The plan also encourages mentoring; it’s easier to approach (and learn from) senior personnel when they’re all you can see every time you look up.

    In addition to open plan, the Freshdesk office is complemented by numerous conference rooms, huddle spaces and phone rooms to be used on an on-demand basis. Designed for every possible situation, the average Freshdesk employee has a choice between an open air huddle for quick, informal discussions or can seclude themselves away in a tiny phone room (with a chair and a thigh-high ledge for your laptop) when they’re getting on phone calls or private conference room for important meetings. The conference rooms come in a myriad of sizes – for everything from a team stand up to a quick one-on-one chat.

    The one thing that stands out in the Freshdesk office is the signature wall art. The artwork transforms the workspace into a lively display of monsters, local and pop culture references. Adorable monsters walk on walls, they twirl, they snooze, they jump, they go to work, they surf, they inject themselves with coffee. A wall awash with color opposite the spacious, airy cafeteria states the Freshdesk philosophy best: ‘the pack that plays together stays together’. And to make sure employees have everything they need, the company offers – a large gymnasium, table tennis, mini golf and a foosball table to boot.

    The Freshdesk office is not all about chrome, steel and plastic; an element of freshness pervades the high energy workspace in the form of potted plants, pillars lined with horizontal bamboo sticks and a gigantic “bio” wall – hundreds of niches filled with tiny plants and warmed by bright yellow lights.

    Design & Photography: Completed in-house