WeWork – New York City Coworking Offices

  • Client WeWork,
  • Year 2015
  • Location New York City, New York, United States,
  • Industry Coworking,
  • VOA (now Stantec) has worked with global coworking company WeWork to develop their Fulton Center location in New York City. The two companies have partnered on nine workspaces and the briefing below describes the design goals involved.

    VOA and WeWork designed each new office space to facilitate WeWork‘s core mission: to create collaborative communities where entrepreneurs and small businesses can interact and exchange ideas. For all nine office spaces, VOA set forth to transform “Class C” office space into desirable and functional office space for WeWork members. The new spaces will create an organic community environment on every floor and display an aesthetic that is both pleasing and customizable to suit the needs and personality of each neighborhood and tenant.

    The design features both private offices with glass-fronts and dense bench desking to support a myriad of work styles, encourage an instantaneous exchange of information without the need for direct communication and initiate a sense of belonging. each space is curated to bring like-minded individuals together by emphasizing a unique theme, such as technology, design and fashion, on every floor. The workspaces feature neutral finishes and furniture, including sliding glass doors and uniform benching that allow for customization and provide a backdrop for personal expression. To complement the neutral workspaces, the design team added distinct, eclectic and playful community areas, including conference rooms, lounges, game areas, coffee bars, pantries and beer carts, all featuring bright colors, soft seating, mood lighting and distressed wood flooring.

    Each new WeWork location features improved space planning and wayfinding, intricate glazing for enhanced daylight and views, and a combination of modern furniture and sustainable finishes, including simple black accents and reclaimed wood, providing a fresh and contemporary aesthetic.

    Design: VOA (now Stantec)
    Photography: RAZUMMEDIA Alex Severin