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WeWork Champs-Élysées weaves together a narrative of contemporary design and historical homage as it shares an address with former American president, Thomas Jefferson, while he served as the Minister of France.

WeWork has designed their newest coworking offices near Tower Bridge located in London, England. WeWork, the platform for creators that […]

Oktra and WeWork have designed the Paddington coworking location of WeWork, located in London, England. WeWork Paddington is located in a large […]

Oktra collaborated with WeWork to design their offices at Corsham Street, located in London, England. Oktra were given the shell and core […]

Oktra collaborated with WeWork to design the Devonshire Square Coworking offices, in London, England. The design included many cellular offices […]

Tom Mark Henry has designed the Pyrmont location for coworking company WeWork, located in Sydney, Australia. 100 Harris St, a […]

Oktra designed the coworking spaces of WeWork at Moorplace, located in London, England. WeWork Moorplace is our third and largest […]

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