Superdrug Offices – London

  • Client Superdrug,
  • size 55,000 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location United Kingdom, London, England,
  • Industry Fashion / Beauty,
  • Morgan Lovell has designed the new offices of health and beauty retailer Superdrug, located in London, England.

    From the second you walk into the office, we wanted clients and colleagues to know that they’re somewhere special. That’s why the formal reception was swapped for a relaxed concierge desk, and the Superdrug logo was used as a feature two metre star cutout (in Superdrug pink, of course).

    The Superdrug brand has been reflected throughout the rest of the office to create a distinct connection between the HQ and their hundreds of high street stores. When you make your way into the communal areas, you’ll see full wall graphics of the London and Hong Kong skylines, a gentle nod to the partnership between Superdrug and their H.K-based parent, A.S. Watson Group.

    Collaboration spaces

    An ‘activity based’ working environment was central to the design to give employees a choice of how, when and where they work. Furniture and varying colour schemes across the floors was used to designate areas for different activities; including collaboration zones, contemplation spaces and ‘touch-down’ desks. This helps to integrate teams and turns the office into a destination where employees can meet and discuss ideas, however they choose.

    Space utilisation

    Initial research found that 73% of all meetings in the old office were between less than four people, indicating that space was not being used to its full potential and that smaller flexible spaces could provide better space utilisation. A series of circular semi-enclosed sofas were used to provide spontaneous meeting areas.

    Central services on each floor (such as printers and tea points) are placed on the perimeter of the main working areas, which is a simple design tactic to encourage spontaneous collaboration between colleagues. Each floor also has a distinct colour scheme to further add personality to each division.

    That Superdrug Feeling

    Superdrug’s corporate values were incorporated through using large colourful, branded graphics to add a splash of personality and also absorb sound from the open plan office. In total, a whopping 2,900 sq ft of branded acoustic panels were created – the equivalent size of Wimbledon’s centre court!

    A mock shop was built in the office, which allows teams to demonstrate how new products will appear on shelves around the country. Colleagues can even take advantage of a pharmacy and drop-in clinic for healthcare and beauty appointments in the same style that they offer on the high street. How’s that for giving staff ‘That Superdrug Feeling’!

    DesignMorgan Lovell
    Photography: Philip Vile