KMAG Offices – Ljubljana

  • Client KMAG,
  • size 11,840 sqft
  • Year 2015
  • Location Ljubljana, Slovenia,
  • Industry Transportation,
  • Kragelj has designed the offices of auto retail company KMAG, located in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

    KMAG is a car retail business, with several offices in the Adriatic region, which has recently upgraded its Ljubljana office with Kragelj’s expert assistance.

    Before the upgrade the organization was fragmented. Those working in different locations hardly ever met in person, but even the Ljubljana-based employees who worked in the same building but on different floors or in different rooms rarely talked to each other face to face.

    After the floor layout was rationalized to better support teamwork as well as individual work, and the fit-out went through a complete overhaul to match the company’s culture and brand, KMAG’s fresh new work environment has been making a positive impact on many aspects of individual and organizational performance.

    All office areas have been moved to one floor. By removing most of the enclosed offices, optimizing the floor layout and using smaller desks than previously, a lot of space was freed up. This made it possible to create a variety of new work settings for different individual and team activities, such as meeting rooms, creative spots, collaboration spaces, social and breakout spaces, focused work areas, and a quiet room.

    The project was completed within budget, and followed the planned timeline and, equally important, the new work-spaces were being used just as intended by Kragelj designers and KMAG management. Interestingly, the only new room which is less frequently used is a quiet room. This is an indication that one of the biggest challenges of the old office noise has been successfully resolved.

    Architects: Alenka Kragelj Eržen, Jure Vanič, Vivijana Zorman
    Photography: Martin Metelko