Workspace design and architecture are our true passions but we are also avid fans of classical music and literature, health preservation, cultural travel, sport performance and gourmet cooking. Sometimes not so seldom our insights for solving design and workplace-related challenges come from the most unexpected places.

Our members have studied, worked, published numerous books and articles and established businesses in dozens of countries across four continents. Still, we are continually exploring new territory both literally and metaphorically to expand our knowledge and to find new, innovative solutions.

We have been in the shoes of business owners, managers, consultants and employees, and so we understand the views, needs and challenges of different stakeholders. And while were serious about quality, were keen to make the design and change process light-hearted and fun, as we find that a positive collaborative experience leads to better results.

What we do

Team’s expertise spans across building and interior design, property planning, organizational development, workplace wellness, project management and change management. We plan, manage and deliver green architecture and workplace transformation projects, tailored to our clients needs and circumstances.

Kragelj’s multinational team members regularly speak at conferences, have published articles and books on design and workplace strategy, and have left a trail of happy clients. Our clients are leaders and decision makers in medium- and large-sized organizations that see themselves as pioneers in their fields, and are open to exploring new ways of working in order to remain competitive.

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
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