Prva Group Offices – Ljubljana

  • Client Prva Group,
  • size 12,217 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Ljubljana, Slovenia,
  • Industry Insurance,
  • Kragelj recently completed the design for Prva Group‘s offices, an insurance holding company located in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

    Prva Group is an insurance holding based in Ljubljana, Slovenia which owns and manages five subsidiary companies in the Balkan region. Kragelj was approached by Prva’s representatives to lead a workplace design project for their new headquarters building in Ljubljana.

    The insurance sector is still being presumed as one of the more conservative industries and as such, companies often struggle with fast-paced changes in the modern world. To lead by example, Prva had decided to pursue a more innovative vision and provide their team with office spaces that comply with their needs and wishes.

    The main challenge for the project was to design a work environment that promotes connectivity and collaboration within different departments. Therefore, every aspect of this project was carefully planned and executed with the goal to boost the team’s morale and productivity. We also needed to design a floor layout that was flexible enough to support the team expansion in the next few years.

    To execute these wishes we placed all office spaces on one floor and tore down most of the walls in the middle section to bring in more light. This solution enabled us to create a better functionality for the central part which is now the main entrance and serves as one of the prime socializing spots with a reception, cafeteria and several conference rooms.

    This new arrangement offers a variety of work settings for Prva team, from activity-based rooms to more quiet meeting spaces. Due to client wishes, we created a partially open area and separated different departments by both glass barriers and private offices.

    One of the functions of smaller, more intimate offices is also sound insulation. By incorporating wooden wall panels in our design, we were able to block out unwanted noises from the company’s common rooms and a busy street nearby.

    We paid a lot of attention to the design of common areas and meeting rooms. They are bright, spacious and with plenty of natural elements. Besides wooden frames around glass walls we also used wood when designing phone booths and smaller meeting spaces. We filled workspaces with greenery to reduce stress levels and improve air quality, blending nicely with the warm and natural color palette of Prva’s new offices.

    Design Team: Alenka Kragelj Eržen, Jure Vanič, Alja Ceglar, Aljoša Merljak, Jerneja Jenko
    Photography: Davor Kralj