Medis Offices – Ljubljana

  • Client Medis,
  • size 34,950 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Ljubljana, Slovenia,
  • Industry Advertising / Marketing, Healthcare,
  • Kragelj upgraded the office design for Medis, a medical marketing company, located in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

    In early 2017 Medis recognized the need to upgrade their existing facilities into a more efficient and innovative work environment. They wanted high-performance workplace which will help the company attract and retain top talents in the region. Medis hired Kragelj to develop a tailor-made workplace design strategy to reach these goals and prepare their multi-building properties for future expansion.

    The goal was to provide more space for employees and give them several options for focused work and teamwork.

    To improve the overall user experience we studied the important aspects of a modern workplace in our initial research and focused on creating a flexible layout with a lot of natural light. By making the changes to the floorplan, we managed to free up 20% of the space that was previously separated by supportive walls. This action visually enlargened the rooms and now promotes better collaboration between teams.

    To make the best use of natural light, we positioned elements on different floors with extra tact. By doing so, we avoided blocking daylight which now reaches further into the space and illuminates the hall, tea rooms, and phone booths.

    The primary challenge was nonexistent acoustic insulation so we installed gypsum partition walls and glass barriers with acoustic panels. To further ensure acoustic privacy in the open space, we separated desks with acoustic panels made of chipboard, acoustic foam and felt.

    The most important contribution to good acoustics was the choice of textile flooring and raster ceiling. These measures resulted in fewer distractions and can make people working there twice as productive.

    For Medis office spaces we used a lot of light colors and natural materials. A combination of white color, wood, and bright color accents create a fresh and elegant appearance which is complemented by lush greenery.

    Lead Architect: Alenka Kragelj Eržen u.d.i.a.
    Design Team: Jure Vanič u.d.i.a., Alja Ceglar m.i.a., Aljoša Merljak m.i.a., Jerneja Jenko abs. Arh., Pija Zakrajšek m.i.a.
    Photography: Davor Kralj