Resalta Offices – Ljubljana

  • Client Resalta,
  • size 5,812 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Ljubljana, Slovenia,
  • Industry Utilities,
  • Kragelj designed an office that matches the new brand identity for energy supplier, Resalta, located in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

    When Resalta changed its name from GGE, the company wanted to do more than redesign its brand. The management wanted to acknowledge its incredible growth and adopt a new brand identity to match it. For Resalta to attract top talent from the energy field, it needed workspaces that looked the part, and its current offices weren’t up to the task.

    One of Resalta’s main challenges to achieving strategic goals was the state of their workplace. They worked in a set of offices that was designed for several small businesses, not one company. There were two main sections, and getting from one to the other was time-consuming. There were separate entrances, and that created a natural rift in the company. Employees could not freely communicate; there were no large meeting rooms, no conference areas, and no common spaces for employees to gather and relax.

    We first tore down the walls and offices that separated the two areas and enabled free movement between sections by constructing a pathway system to join the two sides. Now there was enough room to create a functional conference room for large meetings, a new kitchen, and a welcoming lobby area. We removed doors and walls, installed glass partitions, and created both individual work zones and common spaces for employees to gather and mingle.

    The color palette of the office now matches the brand colors of Resalta – with dark blues, greens, and blacks. By picking metal accents and simple, clean lines for interior design elements, the design team captured the engineering side of the business. Bright open spaces now welcome you in instead of making you feel separate from your team.

    Lead Architect: Alenka Kragelj Eržen
    Design Team: Aljoša Merljak, Vivijana Zorman, Jerneja Jenko
    PhotographyJanez Marolt