Microsoft’s Mid-Market Offices – San Francisco

  • Client Microsoft,
  • size 32,800 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location California, San Francisco, United States,
  • Industry Technology,
  • Blitz Architecture + Interiors has recently completed the new offices of tech giant Microsoft, located in San Francisco, California.

    Located in the San Francisco Mid-Market landmark building, 1355 Market Street, the Microsoft office serves as a vertical campus that co-locates several product teams under one roof. To support this growing hub of innovation, Microsoft took over a 32,800 square foot space on the building’s 4th floor. Blitz worked with the Microsoft team to create a workplace environment that would balance the vibrant energy of product team collaboration areas with visually distinct and layered focus spaces.

    The design celebrates the Microsoft guiding design principles with an emphasis on tactile experiences; creating moments of exploration and discovery; and establishing open areas for people to perform heads down work. Blitz developed a design strategy that combines vibrant colors, textural fabrics, and graphic wall coverings layered against a modern and sophisticated backdrop. Lounges, anchored and the ends of the open office, each possess a distinct graphic quality that serve as visual anchors to orient the user within the space.

    The lounge zones are identified within three separate work typologies. The primary zones, called “The Square” serve as central informal meeting areas for active collaboration. Secondary “Cafe Corners” are inset within the open office spaces to provide informal, communal focus spaces directly adjacent to workstations. The third “Library” zone is an informal touch down space for heads down, uninterrupted focus work. The Library zones are similarly located next to the workstations but are designed to provide workspaces that function as quiet, heads down focus areas within a more casual setting than an enclosed conference room. The zones serve as visual anchors within the space that instantly root and orient the user in the workplace. Selective wall and ceiling treatments, floor patterning, and lighting layouts create a clear visual distinction of these spaces from the rest of the open office.

    Without a formal reception, the 4th floor pantry serves as the entry point for the floor and is the central “main square” for the office. Designed to be high activity spaces, the pantry provides a welcoming first impression for employee and visitors. It also serves a dual function as an event/all-hands space for the 4th floor teams as well as a comprehensive snack and coffee resource for the entire Microsoft office. The pantry utilizes flexible tables on casters allow the space to easily transition from lunchtime activities to informal office gatherings and social events. A large multi-purpose meeting room adjacent to the pantry supports ongoing staff education and product demonstrations. A folding glass wall allows the meeting room to open up to the all hands space for larger presentations.

    Adjacent to the main pantry space, booths with wooden slat canopies flank conference rooms to serve as impromptu casual meeting space and create a landing zone for people coming and going into meeting rooms. Also, this area provides additional seating for the adjacent cafe. The ceiling was designed as an extension of the ceiling elements in the cafe and to provide the sense of enclosure and intimacy. The wood slat wall extending from the ceiling elements provide visual separation from the perimeter workstations while maintaining daylight access in the central conference rooms.

    DesignBlitz Architecture + Interiors
    Furniture: MBI
    Contractor: Skyline Construction
    Photography: Cortez Media Group