One Legacy West’s Communal Space and Lobby – Dallas

  • Client One Legacy West,
  • size 13,000 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Dallas, Texas, United States,
  • Industry Consulting / Business Services,
  • Perkins+Will designed Gaedeke Group‘s newest office building, One Legacy West, located in Dallas, Texas.

    Tasked with designing a high-end 13,000-square-foot amenity area for Gaedeke Group’s newest office building, One Legacy West, Texas-based interior architecture firm Perkins+Will oversaw programming and space planning, interior architecture, graphics, signage and furniture selection. As a new-build project, Perkins+Will started with a blank slate to ultimately craft a minimalist, high-spirited, and sophisticated entryway and break area that would mirror the building’s professional tenants.

    Perkins+Will designed the communal space to have diverse appeal to potential tenants — ranging from technology companies to law firms — by incorporating dynamic offerings, including an open lobby and coffee bar, an informal lounge outfitted with a ping-pong table, and a fitness center complete with a yoga studio, full-service locker rooms, and cardio equipment. In order to divide these spaces up in a way that maintains the integrity of the open aesthetic, Perkins+Will’s design team used wood slats and glass walls to separate the lobby and amenity area into distinct zones without impacting sightlines. As you walk through the sleek open lobby and lounge area, passing by a variety of different seating arrangements, a module box composed of wood slats denotes a new zone, which houses the leasing offices and conference rooms. Continuing to move through the space, glass walls separate a large conference room from the less formal seating area and recreation space. On the other side of the ping-pong table, more glass walls section off the fitness center and yoga studio.

    To complement the multi purpose lobby, Perkins+Will also designed the 3,000-square-foot, 50-seat eatery, Stir to be open and inclusive. Inspired by their studies of the microscopic structure of fresh food, Perkins+Will built a high, geometric ceiling, called “The Geode” to amplify those studies on a massive scale. The Geode was designed to serve as an organic symbol of the dining experience and to encourage interaction with the building’s architecture. Further, the team used design guidelines of biophilia to contribute to the experience of occupants feeling energized and refreshed via daylight, expanse, sheltered areas, dynamic forms, and the incorporation of natural materials and plants.

    Stir incorporates the same meticulously designed slats found throughout the building lobby to address both acoustics for the expansive space and continuity of materials with the neighboring amenities area. The open kitchen features a cold food line and hot food line with beautifully prepared and plated, healthy offerings from Chef Jenny Scott. Cooking areas are also available in the middle of the restaurant space and are visible to the public, while refrigerators, storage, and prep areas are stored behind a wall in the back of the kitchen in keeping with the sleek aesthetic of the rest of the buildout.

    ArchitectMorrison Dilworth + Walls
    Contractor: Austin CommercialHRNCIR Construction
    PhotographyGarrett Rowland