Traction Table

from Bernhardt Design

Designed for use in flexible environments requiring reconfigurations and easy storage. Options include a rectangular table, a half-round table, a teleconferencing table with angled sides and a corner top. Configurations include but are not limited to u-shape, teleconferencing, open conference, round, and oval as shown on right. Traction tops are available in either a wood veneer with a standard black underside or in a laminate with a black laminate underside. All tops have a multipurpose channel system designed for use with ganging brackets. Two ganging brackets are included with every table. The collection offers two styles of aluminum bases: T-base and C-base. T-Bases are positioned in the center of the table with either an edge or an inset mount that allows users to be seated on all sides of the table. C-Bases are positioned in the front of the table with a front edge mount only, and users are seated on one side of the table only. Bases are available in polished aluminum, matte black powder coat and satin white powder coat finishes. Traction power options include grommet accessed power, surface power modules and dual under top modules.
Designed by Bernhardt Design Studio