L’Oreal Offices – Belgrade

  • Client L'Oréal,
  • size 1,345 sqft
  • Year 2016
  • Location Belgrade, Serbia,
  • Industry Fashion / Beauty,
  • Studio OBE designed the offices for beauty product company L’Oreal, located in Belgrade, Serbia.

    The MCCANN office interior design project was signed by the architectural studio OBE. This space represents the reconstruction of a part of a business facility, for the needs of a specific client. The project task was precise and demanding, so the idea was primarily to project a pleasant, comfortable and functional space for employees.

    The first impression of the space was introvertance, due to relatively low ceilings, so one of the challenges was to create an open, transparent and fluid space, with the maximum of natural lighting. By eliminating visual barriers, and by introducing glass barriers, a unified and multifunctional space is formed, which can be visually and functionally separated as needed. Three main functional zones are created – open space, conference room and one office, separated by transparent panels. At the same time visual communication between different user groups was enabled.

    In aesthetic sense, the idea was to interpret the specific aesthetics, which L’Oréal as cosmetic company affirms, by introducing elements, materializing, and selecting colors. The multifunctional central bench stands out as a place of assembly and one of the most interesting details in the space. It is designed as a continual board that alters the height and thus enables low and high sitting, reading, working or resting. At the same time, with its sculptural character, and materialization, it increases the attractiveness of space.

    The exhibition wall is seen as an extraordinary detail in the design of the office space, and is designed to represent the latest products of L’Oréal. In particular, the introduction of white curtains, which apart from being a visual barrier to the conference hall and a small office, and a specific partition, simultaneously interpret the gentle and flattering aesthetics of L’Oréal. Special materialization of walls and contrasts is also highlighted by the different treatment of walls and details in the interior.

    DesignerStudio OBE
    PhotographyRelja Ivanic