Confidential Client Offices – San Francisco

Rapt Studio completed the office design for a confidential client located in San Francisco, California.

When it was time for this firm to consider the renovation of their office, they didn’t shy away from engaging an outside perspective. They sought out a design partner that would bring the same rigor and analysis that they bring to their clients’ businesses. Working with us, they used the project as an opportunity to take a hard look at their workspace. They put together a plan for improvement based on real observation and analysis of their work practices—not workplace trends and speculation.

Designed nearly two decades before, their existing space had remained static while work practices and technology had evolved more than they had in the previous century. Their space didn’t reflect the modern operations of their people. Associates would come into the office looking for a quiet place to do heads-down work or take a phone call, only to leave frustrated by the lack of available private space. Instead of the office, they were using coffee shops to complete their focus work. Meanwhile, security and confidentiality were major cultural values that needed to be supported by the architecture of their space.

The new office was designed to address the way the organization actually functions: a Monday to Thursday configuration focused around clients and teams, with a Friday that’s all about employees. Simple solutions to some of their biggest workplace predicaments are integral to the space: ample room for private phone calls, dedicated but private areas for teams to work together, and two large multi-use spaces—one that’s available for client meetings and entertainment and then other that’s reserved for employee meetings, training, and socializing.

DesignerRapt Studio
ContractorBCCI Construction
Photography: Eric Laignel